Monday, March 29, 2010

Giving Parents of the Disabled a Much Needed Break

RESPITE is defined as an interval of rest. Unfortunately, rest is something that parents of disabled children or adults don’t often get because they are caregiving 24 hours a day nonstop. Sinergia's Respite Program addresses that problem by offering parents a much needed break while their children are in a safe and comfortable environment.

The Respite Program is part of the Waivered services offered by the Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities (OMRDD). As such, in order to participate, consumers must be Waivered-enrolled. Consumers with Medicaid Service Coordinators (MSCs ) who are not already Waivered-enrolled can have the appropriate documents completed and submitted for entry into Waivered services.

Through the Program Sinergia offers consumers up to 12 days of respite services per fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th). Consumers can utilize Respite six weekends per year, all 12 days at once or any combination of days totaling 12. The respite apartment is located in upper Manhattan in close proximity to Riverbank Park, Riverside Park and transportation.

The fully renovated apartment features three bedrooms, two baths, kitchen, living room and den. The apartment is spacious and clean and can support up to three consumers at a time. When the weather permits, Respite consumers are taken to the park, movies, Central Park Zoo and other local attractions or they enjoy playing games inside the apartment.

If you’re in need of an interval of rest or for more information, please contact Martha J. Rivera, at 212 643-2840 X351

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