Thursday, April 29, 2010

Summer Camps for Children With Disabilities

With summer fast approaching, it is time to think about sending your child to summer camp. Please be advised that in addition to the camp’s fee for services for the summer, they may also charge you an additional registration fee. This fee is generally $50 and covers the administrative paperwork needed to enroll your child and collect all of the necessary paperwork.

The following agencies offer camp accommodations for children with developmental disabilities.
  • AMAC – Association for Metro Area Autistic Children, (212) 645-5005
  • AHRC – NYC,  (212) 780-2585
  • Camp Hope, (845) 225 2005, ext. 207
  • Jened Recreation Village, (UCP NYS) (845) 434-2220
  • Wagon Road Camp (The Children’s Aid Society), (914) 238-4761
  • Ramapo Camp, (212) 836-1840
  • YAI, (212) 273-6298 
When considering camps for your child, please keep the following tips in mind.
    • Attend camp fairs and register early.  Generally, these fairs are held in January.
    • Apply early for financial aid and family reimbursement.
    • Please have updated medical, PPD and psychological evaluations ready for early submissions.
    • Ask for and attend a tour of each camp that you may be considering. 
    • Ask for and check references.
    • Make sure that the camp is fully capable of addressing your child’s particular needs (medication, diet, treatments, etc.).
    • Please do not feel the need to send your child to camp with all new clothes.  Your child will be attending camp to engage in outdoor fun and games that may result in clothes becoming very dirty and possibly torn.   
    Camp can be a wonderful opportunity for your child to enhance his/her socialization skills.  Every child should be given the chance to experience all of the activities that camps have to offer.  For further information or questions, please feel free to call us at 212-643-2840. 

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