Monday, March 7, 2011

Choosing Healthy Foods

For Asuncion Muyalde, nutrition is an ongoing process. She oversees Sinergia's nursing department, and part of their job is to assist participants of the residential programs with their menu planning and food shopping. "Some of our consumers have problems because of their nutritional intake," explains Ms. Muyalde, "so for individuals with diabetes or other chronic conditions, proper foods are essential to their well being.  For example, for consumers with hyper tension we ensure they are on a low salt diet, although sometimes it's difficult to enforce. We educate consumers on food choices and what foods are loaded with vitamins and minerals so that they can maintain their health goals, whether it's low weight or low blood sugars."  The nursing staff teaches residents and other staff members about the wide variety of inexpensive food choices available in the market. "They don't have to buy organic products which are costlier. The most important thing is choosing foods wisely to promote health - that's a continuous process, a real nutritional challenge," she adds.

Ms. Muyalde came across this list on "It's loaded with so much great information about foods that people that might not be aware of," she points out.

TEN Super Foods You Should Eat:

1.) Sweet potatoes= A nutritional all- star, loaded with carotenoids, Vitamin C, Potassium and fiber.

2.) Mangos= Just one cup supplies almost as much Vitamin A and C as most people need in an entire day.

3.) Plain Yogurt= Has more protein, potassium, calcium, zinc, and vitamins B-6 and B-12 than sweetened yogurt.

4.) Broccoli= Lots of vitamin C, carotenoids, and folic acid.

5.) Wild Salmon= The omega-3 fats in salmon can reduce the risk of sudden- death heart attacks.

6.) Crisp Breads= Loaded with fiber and and often fat-free.

7.) Beans= Inexpensive, low in fat, and rich in protein, iron, folic acid, and fiber. Choose garbanzo, pinto, black, navy, kidney or lentils.

8.) Watermelon= Excellent source of Vitamin C and carotenoids, and it tastes great.

9.) Butternut Squash= An easy way to get payloads of vitamins A and C and fiber.

10.) Leafy Greens= Loaded with Vitamin C, carotenoids, calcium & fiber.

March is National Nutrition Month so for more information on staying healthy visit Other articles of interest:
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Sinergia is offering 3 upcoming workshops on the topic of Alternative Nutrition for Children with Disabilities: Gluten Free Diets, on March 3rd, Reading Labels: Choosing Healthier Foods with Less Chemicals, on March 24th and Implementing a Dairy Free Diet for Kids, on April 14th. To register for these FREE events, please call Gina Peña-Campodonico at 212 643-2840, ext. 305 or by e-mail at gpena at

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