Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's Day Success Story: Dilia Mieses

This year for Mother's Day we're featuring Dilia Marina Mieses Mendez, in recognition of her fighting spirit, and as a symbol of all the mother's that struggle to overcome obstacles and care for their children with special needs.

Dilia, who recently became a member of Sinergia's Board of Directors, had a blossoming career in her native Dominican Republic. After graduating from civil engineering, she decided to pursue classical ballet, which was her passion. She trained as a dancer as well as an instructor, and received a diploma from the Royal Academy of Dance in New York. Ms. Mieses later headed up a private dance school back home, became academic director of the National Dance School of Santo Domingo and was one of the founders of the Instituto Superior de Bellas Artes, the first organization focused in fine arts in the capital city. Armed with the self confidence that being a leader had fostered in her, she enrolled in a Master's Program for teaching. It seemed as if nothing could stop this mother of two, but in 2004, her world was turned upside down. Her youngest son, four year old Cesar, was diagnosed with autism. She traveled to the States to get a second opinion, and attended a training program for parents of children with autism. Upon returning home she tried to juggle her new circumstances, but there were few resources available locally, and after 2 years she realized she needed to find better care for her child elsewhere. Leaving behind her career in dance -- and her husband -- in 2007 she came to New York in search of assistance. Since then she has been confronting obstacles every day, but she has dedicated herself to learning about autism and the educational system to help out little Cesar. She credits her mother as being instrumental in her fight.

"When there is a child with special needs all the people around them play a very important role. I am very thankful of my family because without them I could not be here. My mother has been a huge support. She helped to pave the way for me. I could not have done it by myself. It takes a lot of effort to get children with special needs to calm down, and sometimes it feels like the days aren't long enough."

"My child requires attention all day long and the quality of care from parents and family members cannot be compared to those of an outside worker, unless you're lucky to find a special one. That makes the child feel secure, which helps him overcome obstacles. I am happy to be dedicating myself to my two sons, and even though I have sacrificed a career that gave much joy, I feel good."

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Anonymous said...

Dear Dilia:

Your an Awesome SUPERMOM. You are a bridge of inspirations for many mothers like myself. I thank you for all your help, inspiration, support and simply for being my friend. I wish the best and I will keep you in my prayers! Please keep up the good work. Love!!

Susana M.