Friday, July 29, 2011

How Well Do You Know Your Child's School Staff?

Situations arise all the time at school and often you may be unsure of who to call -- should you speak to the principal or your child's counselor? By getting to know the staff at school you'll also be better prepared for IEP meetings. It's about understanding how the school operates, and knowing what role the different people play in supporting your child. Here's a list that will help you gather all the pertinent contacts you'll need. Keep it handy and update it as needed.

1.    My child’s school principal name is ___________________________________________

2.    The name of the assistant principal is_________________________________________

3.    The school counselor name is _______________________________________________

4.    My child’s Special Education teacher’s name is_________________________________

5.    My child’s general education teacher’s name is_________________________________

6.    What is the name of the school Psychologist___________________________________

7.    The Parent Coordinator is__________________________________________________

8.    The name of the school secretary is__________________________________________

9.     I have the telephone numbers of each of the above    Yes                              No

10.    I know where they are located at the school?               Yes                             No


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