Friday, August 12, 2011

Flying Solo: A Success Story

Since 2007 Armando Perez (left) has aspired to travel independently. "He initially was escorted in the Sinergia van when traveling from his home to 134 West 29th Street, our previous location. But then Armando began training to travel on his own and quickly learned how to use the subway," says Day Hab Specialist Robert Maldonado. However, in 2009 Sinergia moved and the route changed, which meant that he had to learn how to arrive at our new location via subway and surface transit. With the help of the Day-Hab Program's persistence and training, along with some inter-agency planning, Armando has demonstrated amazing adaptability. He began traveling back and forth from his Sinergia Day Hab program since Wednesday, July 20th, 2011. For that we salute him, for this great milestone and his skills, perseverance, and patience. He is definitely one of our heroes!

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