Sunday, September 4, 2011

Celebrating Direct Support Week

Direct Support Professionals, or DSPs, are care givers that work directly with people with disabilities to help them become integrated into their community and lead a self-directed life. As you can imagine, DSPs play a vital role in assisting those with disabilities and providing support and advocacy. Which is why we were very happy to see that the week of September 11, 2011 has been designated “Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week”. As part of our acknowledgment of this valuable workforce, Sinergia has selected two direct support staff members from the Residential and Day Habilitation Programs for special mention, and award them for their dedicated service.

David Bryant
David Bryant is an exceptional direct support professional who is a team leader at several residential sites. He works steadily and consistently with some consumers who exhibit challenging behaviors. He finds the balance between professionalism and empathy and always responds appropriately, even under extreme circumstances.

Argenis Pierret 
Argenis has been with Sinergia’s UpLiving program for just over a year and has been a positive addition since day one. He is a very intelligent and hard-working individual who has routinely demonstrated an innate ability to gauge the mood of the individuals with disabilities that he works with and adapts his interactions with them accordingly. Argenis has demonstrated outstanding initiative and has been able to make the most of out of every situation. His unfailingly cheerful and upbeat attitude is a wonderful influence to all of those around him.

Sinergia is very happy and proud to recognize these two outstanding staff members and demonstrate our appreciation for their outstanding work ethic.

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