Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day Hab Celebrates Women’s Suffrage

In March, the Day Hab women’s group recognized Women’s History Month and learned about a lot of influential women through the ages.  Following right after February’s Black History Month, this time of year it is always good to remember that women and people of color did not always have the right to vote and struggled to be recognized as eligible citizens.  To practice this right, we made sure that everyone in the program (men and women!) had the opportunity to register to vote.  We completed the paper forms and mailed them in, but there are several ways to register.  See to find out how to get registered today.

To celebrate Women’s History, print out these coloring pages (great for both adults and children) that we created in Day Hab:

Portrait of Etta James

Votes For Women Poster
 We Can Do It Poster

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