Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sinergia's MPC Receives Award from OSEP

The Metropolitan Parent Center received a special award at the annual Office of Special Education (OSEP) Leadership conference that was held during July 30-August 1st in Washington, D.C. The award was for participating in the Voluntary Standards of Excellence for Parent Training and Information Centers (PTIC) and Community Parent and Resource Centers (CPRC.)  The six recipients of this award provided information on the standards in the areas of provision of services to families and management issues for non-profit organizations. In addition, each award recipient discussed how their Centers went about developing their standards and shared ideas and suggestions with the audience that can be used to help other Centers develop their own standards of excellence. The MPC was represented by its Co-Director, Cassandra Archie (above, center), who accepted the award and discussed the process the MPC used to develop their standards of excellence. The conference held an interactive discussion and also featured a question and answer session that focused on effective strategies that Centers can use to improve their work with children with disabilities and their families. Below: Sinergia Director Myrta Cuadra Lash (left) holds the award with Godfrey Rivera, Co-Director of the MPC.

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