Saturday, October 6, 2012

Kenny's Quilt

Kenny, Jake and Clara Berg are a family Sinergia has worked with to open a supervised, live-in residence for their son (we first introduced them to you in this April 2011 blog post). They attended the Art of Social Change workshop in Savannah, Georgia organized by Beth Mount, Tom Kohler, Connie and John O'Brien, Jack Pierpoint and Linda Kahn, among others who advocate very strongly for integrated communities.

Participants from many different states attended the opening of the story quilts made by Beth at the Jepson Center (Telfair Museum), and among them was a quilt she made for Kenny telling the story of his work at the farm and his new domicile. Many other activities such as art display, photographs and open farm market took place over the weekend, sharing with all of us the relationship between advocates and their proteges. 

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