Thursday, August 14, 2014

High Temperatures on School Buses

The Office of the Public Advocate, Leticia James, has received complaints regarding high temperatures on school buses. Children with special needs who receive bus service may have certain accommodations, such as an air conditioned bus, on their Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). If your child requires a properly air conditioned bus but has not been provided with one, or if your child is riding a bus with a broken air conditioner, Public Advocate James' staff will mail you a thermometer that can record temperature changes by the hour and store the information. The thermometer can be easily attached to your daughter's or son's clothing and is a great way to get an accurate read on the temperatures within buses.

To be mailed a thermometer, please email the following information to :

1) Your name

2) Your address

3) Your child's name

4) School

5) Bus Route

6) Bus Company

7) Bus #

8) Complaint #s

9) Documents

10) Your child's IEP

11) Any correspondence concerning your child's transportation

If you know of other parents who might have the same problem with poor or non-working air conditioners on buses, please forward this email.

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