Friday, June 19, 2009

Welcome to La Esquinita/L'il Corner!

Welcome to La Esquinita, Sinergia's blog! We are a community-based non-profit organization that's here to help parents of children with disabilities.
We offer workshops and special events. We're going to be having a picnic in Central Park for the families that use our services and this will be next month in July. We're hoping for a great weather!
We have a special program for parents of children with autism that offer great information and opportunities that you will just great! We want parents to know about autism, what it is, how it affects children and how to obtain effective services and supports.
This blog is about you and for you. We'll have parents having lively conversations, sharing opinions and ideas. In this blog you will find topics like autism and other disabilities

So visit our website, check out our calendar and give us a call to get more information!


Anonymous said...

When is the Sinergia family Picnic?

About us said...

The Sinergia Family Picnic is scheduled for Friday, July 10, 2009. The picnic will be held at Central Park by the 66th St. entrance on the West Side behind the entrance to Tavern on the Green. Please call 212-6643-2840 for information and to let us know you would like to attend. There is no admission charge.