Friday, December 4, 2009

Sinergia Participates in Race to Deliver

Sinergia 's Day Habilitation and Up-Living Programs have but one mission: to assist individuals in improving their quality of life and integration into their community.  One of the more recent success stories we have is about the individuals who participated in the Race To Deliver, sponsored by God’s Love We Deliver, who are prominent figures in the program.  Frank, Sol, Vanessa Jay, Terri, Edith, Maria, Joseph and Michael have been active participants in activities that have improved their health and fitness. By joining the YMCA, Riverbank State Park and enjoying fitness walks in their community, they have improved their overall health and became motivated to participate in the 4-mile walk.

During the race, which was held in Central Park on Sunday, November 22nd, Sol was cheerful and kept greeting other marathoner’s and was determined to complete the race, which he did with a big smile on his face.  Frank, who in the past has been adamant about not leaving his residence, was free spirited and engaging during  the walk.  Once he got to the finish line he said, “I will do this again”.  Joseph and Michael kept a steady pace and were leaders among some of their peers and staff.  Terri, Vanessa and Edith walked a brisk walk and kept far ahead of their peers.  Maria and Jay, were stars among the group and completed the 4 mile walk with a smile on their faces.  Needless to say, the staff, coordinators and administrators of Sinergia are very proud of all the participants,  not only for completing the walk-a-thon but for also giving back to their community and helping others in need.

Peter Sartori
Up Living Assistant Coordinator, Sinergia

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