Friday, December 4, 2009

Workshop Recap: Behavior Management for Parents of Children with ADHD

On November 13th, Criando Nuestros Hijos, one of Sinergia's Metropolitan Parent Center (MPC) programs, hosted a workshop on Behavior Management Strategies for Parents of Children with ADHD. The presenter, Miriam Cusicanqui-Messoud, LMSW at St. Lukes Roosevelt Hospital, provided an introductory parent skills training that focused on a methodology that emphasizes the liberal use of praise and rewards, having clear household rules and consistent follow through. Research supports the effectiveness of behavior therapy for parents and has shown that teaching parents these techniques is one of the best predictors of success in adulthood (See US News & World Report article "ADHD Medication: Can Your Child Go Without? Behavioral therapy for ADHD—and parent retraining, too—can be good alternatives to medication).

MPC parents receiving this type of therapy have reported incredible improvement in their child’s behavior and helped to maintain their child in a less restrictive environment.

For a full list of upcoming workshops visit Sinergia's calendar of events.

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