Wednesday, May 26, 2010

FAST Project Update

In previous posts we have written about the FAST Project, a project of national significance which Sinergia is partners of along with the PACER Center in Minnesota. Our involvement includes piloting four curricula with parents for feedback and conducting focus groups. We also translate into Spanish the four modules, which include: Working for Change, Getting and Keeping the First Job, The Journey to Adulthood and Skills for Effective Parent Advocacy.

On May 18 and 19, over 220 participants from 107 federally funded parent centers attended a two-day "Train the Trainer" FAST Conference held in Washington, DC. Cassandra Archie (left), co-Director of the Metropolitan Parent Center, co-presented a session on Skills for Effective Parent Advocacy along with Carolyn Anderson from the PACER Center (right). The second day of the conference was designed for participants to meet with their legislators on Capitol Hill. Staff from Parent Centers from New York City met with aides from Senator Schumer’s and Representative Nadler's office, informing them of our center's work and the families we serve.

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