Monday, May 3, 2010

New Co-Director for Sinergia's Metropolitan Parent Center

It is with great pleasure that Sinergia announces the appointment of Cassandra Archie as the new co-director of the Metropolitan Parent Center (MPC), Sinergia’s Parent Training and Information Center (PTI).

Mrs. Archie brings a great deal of experience in PTI operations since she is a former director of the Rochester PTI. She has collaborated with Sinergia for over 10 years and has led training and staff development initiatives and has performed duties as the coordinator of the MPC since 2006. Cassandra is very well respected statewide and nationally as a trainer and on issues of disproportionality in special education. She has been a consultant with the NYS Department of Education and in the Ohio "Close the Gap" Campaign for Sen. C.J. Prentis. Additionally, she possesses great skills and sensitivity since she is a parent of a son with disabilities. We look forward to her further contributions and her leadership of the Metropolitan Parent Center.

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