Monday, January 23, 2012

Sinergia hosts Meeting for Emerging & Multicultural Providers

Pictured above: three officials from OPWDD: Tom Holland, 4th from left, Jonathan Pease, 5th from left and Alan Eskenazi, 7th from left, plus Yvette Watts E. D. Assoc., center, and the Board members of NYAEMP.

Sinergia hosted a membership meeting of the New York Association of Emerging & Multicultural Providers on January 18, 2011 in which  Yvette Watts,  Executive Director of the Association welcomed the members and introduced the guests presenters from the NY Office  for Persons With Developmental Disabilities.  Allan Eskenazi, Deputy Commissioner of Department of Quality Improvement (DQI), Tom Holland, Regional Director and Jonathan Pease, Area Director presented on the changes within DQI, the Early Alert System for agencies,  Fire Safety and the three areas of focus as recommended by the expert panel that reviewed the Wells Fire; building safety and construction , functional level of consumers and staffing and training. Also discussed were MSC and vendor protocols which will include incident management, personal allowance reviews and physical plant reviews.

Power Point  presentations , agency overviews and thoughts and concerns around the 1115 waiver  were also made by key staff from member agencies and the responses by NYAEMP to the Request for Information issued by OPWDD were disseminated . Overall, the speakers gave a strong message to the membership on  the importance of multicultural agencies to form a collective presence in the face of the drastic changes in the system and advised the organizations to band together, maintain quality standards and keep connected to their communities in order to survive these changes.

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