Thursday, April 18, 2013

Unconscionable Practices Used on Students

Several months ago Sinergia added its voice to that of NYC Councilmember Vincent Gentile’s opposition to the use of shock treatment to control the behavior of students with disabilities at
The Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC).  Although there has been an outcry for several decades by many advocates to these barbaric methods of treating children, the practice has continued and the investigation by the US Department of Justice is still stalled. Sinergia is deeply concerned that the students who depend on us for their care and wellbeing are being subjected to these horrific methods which include shock treatment, isolation and food depravation for sometimes minor or non-compliant behavior. The use of shock treatment at JFC has been equated with torture by the United Nations Special Rapporteur who has called upon the US government to appeal.

Please see the attached letter to JRC that orders them to cease the use of aversive with NYS students.  We expect the USDOJ to expedite its investigation and put a stop to these inhumane practices.  It is unconscionable that this is still happening to vulnerable, children with disabilities anywhere.

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