Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Day at the Beach

A day at the beach is always an uplifting and enjoyable experience. This trip to Orchard Beach is no exception. Pictured is the first outing that the Residential consumers had for the 2014 summer season. Blue skies, salty air and good friends were ingredients that made the day perfect for all who participated.

The residential program at Sinergia encourages individuals to take the opportunity to enjoy  natural and cultural experiences in order to lift their spirits and enrich their lives. The day was especially helpful in bringing consumers together so they could become more acquainted with one another. Everyday life keeps us all moving in different directions and the consumers also have a full day of programs, meetings and, doctor's appointments. An experience of nature and of community is the perfect remedy for the busy pace of life that the consumers can slip into while they grow toward their personal goals. Sinergia offers regular programs and experiences like this one
to enrich the lives of
participating consumers.

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