Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Surf For All

On June 23, 2014 Sinergia took seventeen children with disabilities and families and several adults from our Day Program surfing at Long Beach, Long Island.  The event was hosted by a non- profit organization, Surf For All that promotes surfing for children and adults with developmental disabilities. It is truly inspiring to see how the children and adults benefit from this activity.

The instructors were led by Cliff Skudin. All the surfing instructors  are first rate and lovingly took out people on the surf boards, including one child who uses a wheel chair and an individual who is blind with  intellectual disabilities.

Thanks also to  lifeguard chief Paul Gallespi and Bryant Brattish.  The trust that the participants  exhibited as they faced and felt the waves is remarkable and a tribute to the fine instructors of Surf For All.  The participants all received caps, sweatshirts and wrist bands.

The citizens of Long Beach have opened their a
rms and hearts to Sinergia. After the surfing, the group was led to Gino's Pizza by police escort and patrolwomen Kelly Graham presented toy police badges, coloring books and crayons to the children.

We thank Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg, Len Torres, all the instructors and the police Department of Long Beach for making this a memorable occasion.

There will be two more surfing events in July 21 and August 18.  If your family is interested in attending either date, please contact Godfrey Rivera, 212-643-2840.  First come first served.

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