Tuesday, February 8, 2011

EIP - Getting Ready for the Annual Review

The IEP is a written statement of an Individualized Education Program that each school-aged child with disabilities receives, designed to meet their specific needs. The program must be reviewed annually, and this typically happens between March and May. These annual conferences are scheduled to review and revise the IEP for the upcoming school year. Cassandra Archie, Co-Director of Sinergia's Metropolitan parent Center, has some suggestions on how parents should prepare for their child's annual IEP conference:
  • Thoroughly review your child's current IEP
  • Know if your child has made progress, or if there has been a lack of progress. For example, if the child is to receive counseling, three times a week, did he receive it? How well is he responding to it?
  • Think about what educational and functional goals you want to see your child achieve in the upcoming school year (2011-2012).
  • Know your options for participation in the annual IEP conference. Participation can be in person or via conference call and you can request that it be in Spanish.
Here are two articles with more information:

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