Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Workshop For Parents of Deaf-Blind Children

Sinergia's Metropolitan Parent Center (MPC) has entered into collaboration with the New York Deaf-Blind Collaborative (NYDBC) to provide a training space and information on education advocacy for a group of parents of children with Deaf-Blindness. The NYDBC is a federally funded project which provides technical assistance to improve services for children and youth who are deaf-blind (ages 0-21.) The NYDBC has a program called Parent Leadership Training that will teach parent skills to prepare them to be advocates for their children, learn about their rights and how to access/obtain services and resources in their own communities. The MPC has provided the Nivia Zavala Conference Center to the NYDBC so that they can conduct their Parent Leadership Program. The first session took place the weekend of January 22 & 23. Nine parents participated, including three married couples. There will be other weekend sessions taking place in March (for Spanish-speaking parents) and in April. In addition to providing a training space, the MPC will be offering presentations on education advocacy for parents which focus on how parents can be effective advocates for their children and for other families and become empowered in the process.

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