Monday, February 7, 2011

New Year, New Look for Sinergia

Sinergia is getting ready to unveil a new website and a new logo to go along with it, and here's a sneak peak. The graphic depicts three shapes coming together to create synergy, emphasizing unity through diversity. Stay tuned for updates on the relaunch!

Our new tag line is "Providing Multicultural, Lifespan Services for People With Disabilities." For the past 34 years Sinergia has served low income, minority families with children and members with disabilities, particularly those limited English language learners whose principal language is Spanish. It has been very important that the members of our organization reflect the diversity and life experiences of the people we serve. Consequently our staff and board of directors have consistently been multilingual and multicultural, many living in the same communities where our consumers reside, and many are parents of children with disabilities. 

In its early beginnings Sinergia started offering educational advocacy services for children with disabilities but then blossomed organically into more comprehensive services that extended into adulthood and beyond in order to meet the unique needs of consumers. Our Family Support services were developed so that the child or adult with disabilities would not have to leave their home because families did not have the resources they needed to care for them. We created the Parent Training and Information Center because our core belief is that parent involvement is integral to their children's educational and functional achievements and can lead them to more productive, high quality adult lives.

Finally, as children moved into the adult world, Sinergia met their transition needs head on. We developed residences and support services for adults with intellectual disabilities so they can live as independently as possible in their own safe and secure homes in our neighborhoods. Our Day Habilitation Program has helped persons with disabilities to learn skills that lead them to greater independence, employment, and recreational and artistic opportunities, and have increased their knowledge of community life and resources. Some of our Day Habilitation participants as well as those living in Sinergia-operated residences are now senior citizens.

In this way Sinergia serves people throughout their life span. Over the years we have heard your voices, heeded your needs and were driven to respond. We have truly earned our tag line!

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